Weekly Top 10 Picks by Zico


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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Zico

The Eyes by Fabio Giampietro

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched by the city? In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between portraits and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas, 2008. 6480×2186 px

Data Sanctuary by luxpris

Flight from noise. 
1200×1500. GIF.  10.4 MB.

Elephant Dreams by rac & Reisinger Andres

A audio/visual collaboration in between Andrés Reisinger and RAC.

Trapped in My Mind by Sinclair

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

The Working Dream by codyrutty

First piece on Super Rare, The Working Dream, 8000x8000px. This piece began in analog form from cutting apart one of my drawings and applying it to one of my acrylic and oil paintings on panel. I scanned that piece and continued the process in digital form over the course of a few visits, letting my head and hand just run. In this piece, the networks of lines tying together imagery that can seem to shift with scale was a product of thinking about the combination of work and dreaming- more so the waking kind, about the future- and how so often it’s an oscillating mixture of both that shapes the course of life. I’m honored to join the Super Rare community and excited to post more brand-new work. Thanks for viewing!

Pixwans by pix

Exclusively on SuperRare, only 1 Edition to ever exist. A picture is worth a thousand words. A GIF is worth a book worth of words. And art is worth more than an entire library. Portraying Crypto Art at its best.

Warren Buffett – Decentral Eyes – Variant 07 by Coldie

The seventh of a 10 piece series I take a look at one of the biggest OPPONENTS of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. One of his famous quotes about Bitcoin, “It is a delusion, basically,” I literally dive into the mind of the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, Cherry Coke drinking, McDonald’s devouring, white-haired stonk king himself, Warren Buffet. Created with 10+ images to create a decentralized portrait. This Buffet collection explores a variety of punk design aesthetics and 3D methods for depth. Anything can happen with a variant though. Size: 2400px x 3000px, Format: MP4

SPACE JUMP SUIT by kidmograph

Loop able animation of a man falling endlessly into deep space. 339 frames / FULL HD / Original audio / No watermark

A shiny surprise by arc4g


NEURONS by renderfruit

“This is a zoom to my neurons while I’m asleep”. framerate : 30 fps / HD square / duration: 362 frames – 12 secs / loopable / music: yes (composed by me)

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