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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Collector record (Twitter: @seancrecord)

Feathered Skull by notoriousgangofone

This work was a “busman’s holiday” for me during work on “Spirit Garden”. I knew it would find no place in the final production, but it was one of my favorite creations. The ballet was originally performed by Ballet Tucson after an 11-month collaboration. The ballet was reprised in 2018 and has been so popular that it has been added to the Company’s bi-annual rotation. Choreography by Chieko Imada.

mmntt by manoloide

mmntt by Manoloide 2020.
Exclusively on Kate Vass Gallery

Release by Thato 

The weight of being

The Astronaut by Micah Johnson

Time-lapse of the planning process of Micah’s most iconic artwork to date featuring his hand-drawn sketch. Original Artwork on exhibit at Art Angels Los Angeles Featured in: Tweet from NASA, USA Today, CBS, ABC, NBC Los Angeles, CBS Boston 768×1024

Laughing Fit by Burst

burst_ artwork 46 / Laughing fit: When my girlfriend has a laughing fit it electrifies me and I can’t help but laughing myself. We cultivate a daily laughing routine. It is a lot of fun and it is good for your health, you should try it too. LOL. – Pandemic 2020, Digitally modified and animated painting, GIF, 1007 × 1007

Mistress by Senna

“Chaque atome d’un bruit dûr Exhale l’arome d’un fruit mûr.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, L’Amante de Victor Hugo

Bird on Gold | Hummingbird_03, The Flight by skeenee

NFT+/-ART. The buyer of the NFT will have to decide if the physical version survives (NFT+ART), or if it will live forever on the block chain as a unique piece of Art(NFT-ART). The proof of its destruction will be annotated to the NFT with NFT Scribe. Part of Skeenee´s Bird on Gold series. Drawn with fountain pen | Shaded with Sumi ink | Painted with watercolors | Decorated with a gold leaf | Brought to life through digital Voodoo | Annotated with NFT Scribe.

Proof of Work – Variant 01 by Coldie

Purple variant artwork of ‘Proof of Work’ art piece. Original artwork edition released on R.A.R.E. Hard work is not easy, but it opens the possibility for great rewards. Watching the clouds go by helps to stay grounded and in the moment. The process of mining for gold in a river is no different than a crypto mining machine and having grown up in the Gold Country of Northern California, my passion for gold mining history and blockchain have collided in this piece. Thrown into the mix as well are themes relating to the toxicity of fiat currency and chemtrails. Stay safe and keep stacking,

Screamer rework (fear) by twoclicks

Mood exploration minimal video dealing with topic of fear, anguish, terror. Put in on the loop on large screen and savor the changing detials and emotional landscapes.

Futurum spectat pacificae by ekaitza

Ares, the greek God of war looking into a peaceful revolution. 3000 x 5000 pixels. Rendered ad 200 Pixels per inch.

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