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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Greed Mood by skygolpe & neurocolor

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” Socrates. A collaboration between Skygolpe and Neurocolor

Most of skygolpe‘s previous faceless men were melancholy & calm, covered by paints of a more traditional style. While neurocolor‘s art is often neurotically colored (acid, vaporwave, psychedelic are the hashtags), dominated by fierceness, violence, skulls and skeletons. Considering the previous styles of the two artists, this is a collaboration I’d never expected to happen. But I’m even more surprised by how successful it turned out: retreating to the background and giving the central stage to skygolpe’s faceless man, yet neurocolor is the one in control. He gives a total alien force and identity to the faceless man, becomes the “evil voice” on the back of his mind, and completely drives out the violence & craziness of skygolpe’s classic character.

Matilija Poppies by Luna Ikuta

Transparent Matilija Poppy Trio

Just have to pick Luna’s flower again. I also learned it’s actually 100% analog. See tweet by Alessio De Vecchi. Then you have 100% spirit of craftsmanship in this digital NFT.

Betta Ep.1 by James Owen

Betta Ep.1
Edition 1 of 1
Gentle, elegant, and free-flowing. The first piece in a three-part limited edition series inspired by the effortless beauty of Siamese fighting fish, also known as Betta Fish.

James Owen’s three part series inspired by Betta Fish is the visual manifestation of what “gentle, elegant, and free-flowing” means. It arrives at a spiritual form of expression through the pure language of form and color. In between the three frames, there’s a coming-to-life sense of transition, change and motion.

Visual Meditation by Reisinger Andres

For visual trip purposes.
Audio created by me.

The most calming video of the week. Reisinger Andres is a master of designing & creating a space so comfortable that you don’t want to leave. You are relaxed and feel at home in your own mind just within a few seconds.

Girls & Love #5 by JENISU

1 of 1 edition of the Girls & Love series by Jenisu
4000×4000 px

Have been JENISU’s fan ever since I came to SuperRare. Her Girls & Love Series captures the sentiments, dreams/desires and romance of all the young girls (as I believe). At least there’s a part of us, no matter how grown up we are, still dreams an extremely colorful world, filled with beautiful little stuff, a warm sense of security coming from overabundance, nostalgia in the retro products, or simply the accompany of cats. With typical JENISU’s bright colors palette (esp. the JENISU PINK), Girls & Love #5 is a simpler piece compared to the others in the series, but loses none of its power.

Zoetrope 120 by Gavin Shapiro

Bronze and cement. 120 statues, 120 feet in diameter.

Shapiro’s obsession with dancing flamingos (a recurring theme in almost all his art) really moves me. This time he’s determined to make the static bronze statues of flamingos dance. And the result is amazing. There’s an easter egg in Zoetrope 120. If you play the middle 12 seconds (from 6s-18s) the video will loop perfectly (see tweet).

Everything is Magic by kyttenjanae

a blessed fae encounter, a magical, sparkling loop. / / / 1 of 1 – 1200 x 1200, 420 frames, mp4 loop / / / animated and rendered in Cinema4D, with original audio score composed by Daisy Studio’s Philip Rugo / / / exclusively on Super Rare

Have been following kyttenjanae long before she joined SuperRare. The highly bright, contrasting colors lends it a fairy-tale, magical atmosphere. She’s best at creating the 21st century, futuristic fairies in a magical world.

Pet Park by Jonathan Wolfe

Where I’d rather be.
Digitally edited acrylic and gouache painting.

Jonathan Wolfe’s humor wins. This time he sets out to a pet park (weird animals again!) I’m amazed at how normal he makes the painting look. It’s like the most serene and normal afternoon, you encounter a normal park, where normal people walking their normal dogs and cats. But wait – why are these dogs and cats skateboarding?! Remember to check out All Paws on Deck, I believe he’s one of them.

NEURONS by renderfruit

“This is a zoom to my neurons while I’m asleep”. framerate : 30 fps / HD square / duration: 362 frames – 12 secs / loopable / music: yes (composed by me)

I really wish my neurons look like this when I’m sleeping, then I must have a very sweet dream. They look like deep sea creatures and plants, shining and free flowing. The audio is perfect too. I can look at & listen to this piece for many many times on loop.

hivemind by blacksneakers

collective angst

blacksneakers never disappoints. This time she goes more abstract and emotional than her previous work. You can see enlarged hands, enlarged bleeding hearts, struggling human figures trying to break free from the “collective angst.” Very strong emotions are conveyed through rich colors deployed in luminous, flat planes. The colors are released from the task of naturalistic description, and are therefore capable of developing an enormous power of expression. These are the colors of her inner world.

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