SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


October 5-11

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Hyperbolic Composition II – Resilience by Scott Eaton was collected by doodledots for $4,597

Hyperbolic Composition II – Resilience
Edition 1 of 1
The the second in my series of Hyperbolic Compositions. Created by combining my distorted drawings with a neural network (GAN) trained on a large corpus of figurative photos I’ve shot in the studio over the past three years.

#9 i Dont Know Who i Am by FEWOCiOUS was collected by matrix for $5,249

i Dont Know Who i Am
Edition 1 of 1
being my true self almost feels like a lie because i’m so used to pretending…lost inside my head again. who am i?… who are you? be honest.

#8 SPACE JUMP SUIT by kidmograph was collected by maxstealth for $5,446

Edition 1 of 1
Loop able animation of a man falling endlessly into deep space. 339 frames / FULL HD / Original audio / No watermark

#7 Girls & Love #5 by JENISU was collected by Sarah Maryam Moosvi for $5,514

Girls & Love #5
Edition 1 of 1
1 of 1 edition of the Girls & Love series by Jenisu
4000×4000 px

#6 Neural Delights #4 by quasimondo was collected by motokovault for $5,962

Neural Delights #4
Edition 1 of 1
This work is part of a series of GAN generated images that I created as a contribution for Nick Knight’s “Fashion Digital Future” – first shown at Harrods, London in October 2020. In an iterative process I call “Transhancement” I reinterpret catwalk images from 20 years of fashion shows. For this I trained a custom neural network on “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by 16th century painter Hieronymus Bosch. As a result it deliberately misinterprets the data it is given and produces forms and textures that are undoubtedly reminiscent of his aesthetic whilst at the same time introduces surreal shapes and strange compositions. For this series I developed my own custom GAN architecture and training process which attempts to generate a rich variety of textural details whilst at the same time tries not to imitate brush strokes but maintain its own “convolutional” aesthetic.

#5 Judith slaying Holofernes by Hackatao was collected by jim for $8,392

Judith slaying Holofernes
Edition 1 of 1
Judith and Holofernes is for us an exemplary piece that well represents the multi-layered sense and meaning of our artworks. So much so that it also amazes us with its countless levels of interpretation. East vs West, feminism, feminicide, monotheism vs polytheism, to name but a few. The artwork is inspired by the works of both Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi. We liked the idea of representing Judith with bare breasts, as appears to be Caravaggio’s first intention. While Holofernes, cyclopean and dressed in a terrorist balaclava, represents, at least for us, unique thought disguised as terror. Our Judith performs an act of conscious liberation from a patriarchal value system and is dominated by a unique vision that does not accept diversity. Therefore, it’s an affirmation of multi-cultural and polytheist western thought in its Greek origin. This is as far as the reading “at a distance” of the whole work is concerned since when we enter into the narratives drawn here, the meanings pass on to other levels. We prefer not to provide too many keys to reading since we would like the “reader” to arrive at their own personal interpretation of the work.

#4 Absence Routine by Pak was collected by motokovault for $9,519

Absence Routine
Edition 1 of 1

#3 Conversion Routine by Pak was collected by maxstealth for $12,249

Conversion Routine
Edition 1 of 1

#2 Tide Routine by Pak was collected by maxstealth for $13,064

Tide Routine
Edition 1 of 1

#1 Elephant Dreams by rac & Reisinger Andres was collected by maxstealth for $26,128

Elephant Dreams
Edition 1 of 1
A audio/visual collaboration in between Andrés Reisinger and RAC.

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