Weekly Top 10 Picks by jsf


“Weekly Top 10 Picks” can be contributed by anyone in the SR community. To participate send your weekly 10 favorite artworks on SuperRare to [email protected] and we’ll get your picks featured!

Weekly Top 10 Picks by jsf

≈ENTRANCE≈ by kidmograph

Seamless hallway vaporwave animation. 30fps QUAD HD 2560x2560px Modelled in Cinema 4D. Rendered in Redshift. No Watermark. Ambience sound.

hx_8c315 by hexeosis

spiral // GIF // 720×720 px // 180 frames // infinite loop

Lick This Lotus by Sarah Zucker

The ever-unfolding petals of consciousness. Your senses can taste every one. Signature VHS Art by Sarah Zucker, 2018. Digital Animation with Analog Glitch Processing on VHS. Filmed in 4K from vintage CRT screen. Single Edition.

Destination by trippyogi

The path we seek is under our feet

Cephscope by Yura Miron

Your cephalochromoscope that cost you nine hundred dollars, that you always turn on and play when you get home – Ernie and Barris were babbling away about it. They tried to use it today and it wouldn’t work. No colors and no ceph patterns, neither one… From A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K. Dick. Published by Not Known in 1977. Artwork was created in Artbreeder & upscaled in Topaz Gigapixel Ai 1024×1024 pix. mp4

Abstract Token 95 by Jeff Davis

Canvas: 2052 x 2052 Image: 1728 x 1728 Grid: 4 Orientation: V RC Min/Max: 1/7 S Min/Max: 1/3 Hue: 315 Bias: 0.39710397 Luminosity Threshold: 36 RGB1: (249, 69, 125) RGB2: (142, 66, 153) RC: 2.0 S1: 1.5 S2: 1.5 S3: 0.5 S4: 0.5 RGB1: (213, 69, 197) RGB2: (250, 132, 89) RC: 2.0 S1: 0.5 S2: 1.0 S3: 1.0 S4: 1.5

MEMES by obxium

Paris luxury meets the hard streets of crypto

Unkn0wn Pleasures by VJ Entter

5pO53280,0:pO53281,0:pO646,1:pO54296,15 10?cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32); 20?cH(101.7+rN(1))cH(101.6+rN(1))cH(101.7+rN(1)); 30?cH(101.6+rN(1))cH(101.7+rN(1))cH(101.6+rN(1)); 50dim a$(4) 50a$(0) = “CE” 60a$(1) = “DF” 70a$(2) = “NM” 80a$(3) = “ER” 90a$(4) = “NM” 100?a$(int(rnd(1)*5))a$(int(rnd(1)*5))a$(int(rnd(1)*5))a$(int(rnd(1)*5)); 110?cH(101.2+rN(1))cH(101.3+rN(1))cH(101.2+rN(1)); 120?cH(101.3+rN(1))cH(101.2+rN(1))cH(101.3+rN(1)); 130?cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32)cH(32); 140pO54296,15:pO54272+rN(1)*7,rN(1)*256 150s=54272:pOs+24,15:pOs+5,190:pOs+6,248 160a(0)=15:a(1)=37:a(2)=21:a(3)=76 170q=int(.5+rnd(1)):pOs+1,a(q*2):pOs,a(q*2+1) 180pOs+4,17:for t=1 to 75:next 185pO54272+rN(1)*7,rN(1)*256 190pOs+4,15:for t=1 to 150:next 195pO54272+rN(1)*7,rN(1)*256 200gO10

Barrel by Pi-Slices

Ride the wave – 2000×2000 / 60 Frames / 5.7 MB / MP4

Hand by Thato

Abstraction of hand


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