SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


September 21-27

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 In abandoned places by Alessio De Vecchi was collected by jamieov for $5,026

In abandoned places
Edition 1 of 1
This piece is part of an ongoing series. It investigates the will to regain physical and mental space, but also the necessity of exploring the recesses of the self. The furry worm is wandering. He’s bright in color, but we can’t tell what his mood might be. It’s not given to know if he’s lost or in control of the exploration.⁣⁣

#8 Shallow Water (Madre o Sorpresa) by Frenetik Void was collected by ethsquiat for $5,361

Shallow Water (Madre o Sorpresa)
Edition 1 of 1
The touch of grace that slowed down every rapid.

#8 Throw down the gauntlet. by Esteban Diacono was collected by fafafofo for $5,361

Throw down the gauntlet.
Edition 1 of 1
A challenge must never go unanswered. Unless.

#7 [secondary sale] Artistic Irreverence by Alotta Money was sold by collector CryptoSteve (profit 224%) to Simon Taylor for $6,701
Artist royalty to Alotta Money: $670

Artistic Irreverence
Edition 1 of 1
Today ARTificial intelligence is giving creators the opportunity to have more visions. It opens doors that weren’t there before, distorting perceptions of sight, suggesting dream like visuals by thousands. But we still have to figure where this is taking us. What will hatch out of this? The digital muse art needed for another revolution or a data monster that will binge eat our creativity in hope to get a soul? Animated Collage, GIF, 45MO, 1100x1100px Original painting : Jamesone George Self-portrait 1642

#6 [secondary sale] Emoji Fool by Hackatao was sold by collector mantaxr (profit 1162%) to etyoung for $7,371
Artist royalty to Hackatao: $737

Emoji Fool
Edition 1 of 1
Emoji fool is part of a series of artworks dedicated to Emojis (the word emoji comes from Japanese e (絵, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”). Originating on Japanese mobile phones in 1997, emoji became increasingly popular worldwide in the 2010s after being added to several mobile operating systems. We all use them every day to replace our facial expressions on social networks. They are incontrovertibly the world’s first truly universal form of communication, and even “the new universal language”.

#5 Podmork HOD VR0 by Hackatao was collected by jim for $7,871

Podmork HOD VR0
Edition 1 of 1
The Podmork(s) are the primordial totemic figures at the center of Hackatao’s imaginative research. They play as explorers of the two artists’ inner worlds, who draw on their surface philosophical reflections as metaphors. So far made in resin ceramic and pixels (on Pixelchain), the dream of seeing them existing in virtual worlds, created in 3D and tokenized on SuperRare has now come true. So here it is, Podmork HOD VR0, the “Block 0” of this new digital series. Exhibition: AETHER: SUPERRARE EXHIBITION

#4 Hurt Feelings by FEWOCiOUS was collected by turnip for $8,477

Hurt Feelings
Edition 1 of 1
Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder, i needed that.

#3 Pasado, refractado by Frenetik Void was collected by fafafofo for $10,052

Pasado, refractado
Edition 1 of 1
“Hay maneras de jugar a ser.” / (1/3) of “Future’s past” series 2019

#2 Superpositions of a Wandering Cube by Pak was collected by fafafofo for $11,057

Superpositions of a Wandering Cube
Edition 1 of 1

#1 Superpositions of Revolving Cubes by Pak was collected by fafafofo for $14,743

Superpositions of Revolving Cubes
Edition 1 of 1


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