SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


September 14-20

#10 Chicago Transfer, High Frequency Series by Helena Sarin was collected by VK Crypto for $1,675

Chicago Transfer, High Frequency Series
Edition 1 of 1
Urban Sketchers is a worldwide movement; and Chicago is the most amazing city to sketch; my original drawing, GAN chained, in #numpytillism style

#9 Self Portrait (right eye) by oficinastk was collected by Max Osiris for $1,675

Self Portrait (right eye)
Edition 1 of 1
Another one on the ‘frosted glass’ series. Shot on video, rendered in Blender.

#8 Fallen Angel by Etiene Crauss was collected by loopify for $1,675

Fallen Angel
Edition 1 of 1
Like September I fall.

#7 I Wish You Knew… by Helena Sarin was collected by VK Crypto for $2,010

I Wish You Knew…
Edition 1 of 1
I wish you knew That special kind of garbage My art keeps growing from Knowing no shame… with apology to my favoritest titans of Russian art – Akhmatova and Petrov-Vodkin, for my humble attempt in transcribing their work – in words, painting and generative computation #prettyInGAN

#4 Relief by Federico Bona & Milton Sanz was collected by deej for $2,680

Edition 1 of 1
This piece is the result of the joint work of two artists and friends. The challenge was to combine both, rigid and organic elements in a high contrast colour palette. This is more than composition; this is a compass to enjoy and learn about this artwork. Collaboration by Federico Bona & Milton Sanz

#4 Podmork HOD VR4 Tribal by Hackatao was collected by snowcrash0x for $2,680

Podmork HOD VR4 Tribal
Edition 1 of 1
In the end we always gather in small tribes. The Podmork(s) are the primordial totemic figures at the center of Hackatao’s imaginative research. They play as explorers of the two artists’ inner worlds, who draw on their surface philosophical reflections as metaphors. Podmork HOD VR will be only 13+(0), all different. Thanks Leandro Bellone for 3D texturing.

#4 The other side of ritual by Giant Swan was collected by deej for $2,680

The other side of ritual
Edition 1 of 1
Underneath their concentration, the rippling ideas have been planted. this side of inspiration is built from memory, it’s a mirror that reflects nothing, its roots have grown and grown but here everything lacks grip. In the pools you’ll find vessels of thought and instinct, I don’t know how they got there. I feel like we might have seen it once before, On the other side of ritual.

#3 [secondary sale] Ukiyo by TwistedVacancy was sold by collector mantaxr (profit 89%) to rvdg for $3,015
Artist royalty for TwistedVacancy: $301.5

Edition 1 of 1
“The Floating World” – Detached from the bothers of life.

#2 [secondary sale] Ready for the Shuffle by Matt Kane was sold by collector CryptoArtsorg (profit 3,366%) to CuriousNFTs for $6,031
Artist royalty for Matt Kane: $603.1

Ready for the Shuffle
Edition 1 of 1
14 years ago in 2006, I began a series exploring the history and aesthetics of fiat currencies. This is the first in the resurrection of that series; the first time my abilities honor the ambition, vision, and moxie that a slightly younger version of myself demanded before work on the series could continue. We stand in agreement today, the 8th day of 2020, that we are at long last ready for the shuffle. Resolution: 8K x 8K Approximate size @300 PPI retina screen: 26″x26″ // 68cm x 68cm. Made with custom software using and Java. Layers: 45. Colors: 25. Total Shapes: 168,330. Vertices: 347,461. ellipses: 2,867. rectangles: 6,834. line: 158,629.

#1 M87 Black Hole Deconstruction #6 by Matt Kane was sold by collector Estheet (profit 4,553%) to Matt Kane for $6,701

M87 Black Hole Deconstruction #6
Edition 1 of 1
Resolution: 13K This is from my deconstruction series featuring the data of the painting I created of the M87 Black Hole the same day the historical image was released.


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