SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


September 7-13

#10 Venecia by oxeegeno was collected by blockstar for $1,290

Edition 1 of 1
A journey of color and peace for the soul.

#8 Tennessee Jed by artonomous was collected by La Galleria de Jed for $1,340

Tennessee Jed
Edition 1 of 1
Robot painted portrait of Tennessee Jed using feedback loops.

#8 Atlas Column by goldweard was collected by deej for $1,340

Atlas Column
Edition 1 of 1
Two men carved into a Column support the weight of the structure

#7 [secondary sale] GIANT RETURNS by obxium was sold by collector ekaitza (profit 1437.76%) to Max Osiris for $1,570
Artist royalty for obxium: $167

Edition 1 of 1
Based on the original certified rare & blessed with vaporwave love. This Pepe will never be about hate. [2060 x 2777 pixels]

#6 [secondary sale] ⬜️_010 by ilan katin was sold by collector Mattia Cuttini (profit 1612.09%) to Max Osiris for $1,558
Artist royalty for ilan katin: $155.8

Edition 1 of 1
hacked . rounded . teeth . squared . gums . fever . steam . puffs . coaxed into existence from pencil drawing on paper .

#5 Zora TestFlight by Sven Eberwein was collected by zora for $2,010

Zora TestFlight
Edition 1 of 1
✈️Zora is launching $FLIGHT✈️ Commissioned work for @ourZORA

#4 Breaking an inner balance with friends. by Giant Swan was collected by deej for $2,680

Breaking an inner balance with friends.
Edition 1 of 1
I had seen them multiple times. Inside that forest, they would gather to remove their crowns and then take turns to break an inner balance that exists inside us all… or maybe it was just inside them? this turning wheel of self-harm and stillness never really stayed in this place, but it always came back.

#3 GANdinsky – Obscured by Clouds by Coldie was collected by helpless for $3,015

GANdinsky – Obscured by Clouds
Edition 1 of 1
In collaboration with Wassily Kandinsky artworks and using Playform GAN software, ‘Obscured by Clouds’ take a look at the other side of reality. How different is the scene you are looking at compared to the ‘reality’ of your waking life? Perspective is the only difference. How you see things shifts your personal reality. Further influencing this artwork was Pink Floyd’s ‘Obscured by Clouds’ album which literally and metaphorically are explored in this composition. Size: 3000px x 3000px Format: MP4 Length: 21 seconds

#2 [secondary sale] Hallucinating the Past :/: Present :/: Future by Max Osiris was sold by collector tokenangels (profit 5217.46%) to Max Osiris for $3,350

Hallucinating the Past :/: Present :/: Future
Edition 1 of 1
A multidimensional fiction interspersed with memories and “real” things that happened in this :/: our current :/: future/never reality including the now and the now and the now -forever +possibility

#1 cost_of_living by Godfrey Meyer was collected by Max Osiris for $3,722

Edition 1 of 1
do you remember when you were 3 years old? the first time you found out what “money” was.. that shiny coin.. somehow it was used to get you all the things in the world… this magical token…but it never got you anything you really needed.. As you got older and older, you realized that money was a device to control. That coin, isnt so shiny as it once used to be. We all are just chasing the carrot, because we can’t eat coins.

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