Milton Sanz X Fede Bona: Finding Relief Beyond the Unknown


By Julieta Vita Maini

Edition 1 of 1 on SuperRare

     An event portrays both, an intolerable situation and also the emergence of a new time, life and space. In this new distribution, objects lose their market value, nature breaks technological elements apart and traffic signs escape from a traditional structure.

     In this scene, a robot and a woman are shown as a unique homogeneous substance in a world that has lost its bearings. The difference in essence of these two entities doesn’t prevent them from hugging tightly and supporting each other in a desperate time. A hug as a gesture of hope. Far from considering the other one as an enemy, they consciously embrace the strange nature of each other’s bodies. The sole presence of another being justifies their individual existence. In other words, each of them is a living proof that the other one exists…as a subject and as a robot.

     We can now face this question: What symbolic resources and imaginary registers will they have to hold on in this scenario? While one of the opposites stays connected, the other one will have to decide which fiction will put things in order in this new reality.

This piece is the result of the joint work of two artists and friends. The challenge was to combine both, rigid and organic elements in a high contrast colour palette. This is more than composition; this is a compass to enjoy and learn about this artwork.

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Milton Sanz

I'm Milton Sanz, a freelance 3d artist based in Argentina!. Nowadays I'm working for the music industry in USA and Europe where my first task it's to generate 3D videos. I'm an Illustrator, graphic designer and nowadays i'm taking courses related to 3D.


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