SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report


August 17-23

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 Elements of Coral by Giant Swan was collected by metapurse for $1,730

Elements of Coral
Edition 1 of 1
The elements of coral and the teeth you’ve cut them on. Should you come into possession of this artwork, please contact me directly.

#9 Signal. by Giant Swan was collected by whaleshark for $1,851

Edition 1 of 1
We are tied, our bond has grown into everything that we are but our physical interaction is changing, They measure us in signal and connection now, we explore a wider world through light and share the patterns of each others musings if the signal is strong enough. We are tied, but our bond has developed into something else.

#8 Exploding head – face mask by Jon Noorlander was collected by mantaxr for $1,899

Exploding head – face mask
Edition 1 of 1
Exploding head.

#7 Exploding head – squeeze by Jon Noorlander was collected by mantaxr for $1,899

Exploding head – squeeze
Edition 1 of 1
Exploding head

#6 How To Disappear Completely by Etiene Crauss was collected by kaizer for $2,023

How To Disappear Completely
Edition 1 of 1
I’m not here, this isn’t happening…

#5 Glitchery Flowery by ALGOMYSTIC was collected by etyoung for $2,111

Glitchery Flowery
Edition 1 of 1
This is a glitching of a photo of some flowers I took in Gotland, Sweden. It was made while developing my glitch app DestroyPix.

#4 tangible data two by BARON LANTEIGNE was collected by kaizer for $2,156

tangible data two
Edition 1 of 1
You want to grasp it. Second iteration of the tangible data series questioning the human desire to objectivize the virtual realm, to shape it to match something familiar.

#3 tangible data one by BARON LANTEIGNE was collected by kaizer for $2,244

tangible data one
Edition 1 of 1
Tangible Data is a series of works exploring physics simulations and notions of architecture applied to non euclidean virtual environments in a playful way. The works explore high density imagery symbolizing virtual machines condensed in short loops that require repeated viewing to be intelligible. By approaching each animation as a möbius strip, my practice is shifting away from traditional time based media in order to focus on the virtual environment itself.

#2 Fly with Us by Alotta Money & Reinhard Schmid was collected by whaleshark for $3,112

Fly with Us
Edition 1 of 1
Virtual collision of two creative minds on their motorcycles resulting into an imaginary flight to outer crypto space. With crypto currencies in the air and bitcoin stars all around the sky. Based on a traditional oil painting by Reinhard Schmid, Alotta Money takes the viewer on a journey full of unrestrained imagination, flying free from the bounds and restrictions of an economic slavery system. The hot wind from the burning banks taking the cryptonautes higher and higher, to the moon and beyond. Animated digital collage, 1378x2000px, mp4, 60 fps. IPFS HASH : QmVTppAfVAkHfkaZwHVdFCKYpvaQkMJBBr5pZsH7h8r2Xh

#1 Möbius Bind by Pak was collected by etyoung for $11,681

Möbius Bind
Edition 1 of 1

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