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I am Eceertrey, I am an AR artist. I create Augmented Realities and Mixed Realities in both an outdoor landscape and urban city landscape through my own lens. I am a 3d VR Sculpter and abstract 3d modeler. I am an photographer, drone pilot, and abstract thinker.  I am from Dayton, Ohio and studied photojournalism at the University of Cincinnati.  I fell in love with street art and graffiti, from there I began light painting long exposure photography.  I had some of my work shown in Mumbai, Paris, & NYC. 

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Ancient Tech Warrior from the Future with Orb Droid

I broke my spine in a snowboarding accident 10 years ago and that moment sent me down a path of pursuing art as a career and overcoming and never giving up. I moved to Colorado 6 years ago and lived in Boulder, CO only recently moving to Downtown Denver, CO. I’ve worked for a VR startup debuting VR on the deep playa at Burning Man. My day job currently in the Cannabis industry, working in social media and digital marketing though I aspire to be a full time crypto artist this year.  I was invited to be a Beta Tester for Adobe Aero, Adobe’s new AR software and am currently working with some additional AR App startups.  I have had my Eceertrey AR & Print work shown at the ETH Denver Conference, and have sold work on SuperRare to very happy art collectors! 

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The ultra contemporary home of a global crypto super villain perched high in the mountains of Colorado on a multi-mile long private driveway.

My art is just an expression of my imagination, with an influence in science fiction and modern contemporary aesthetics mixed with our natural environments. My inspiration is endless. As a millennial that has spent virtually my entire existence on the internet my inspirations are far and wide and always morphing and changing and evolving. Graffiti artist, 3d render artist, minimal contemporary artist, I’m endlessly inspired always. 

My creation process for years has involved hiking into the woods and into nature and capturing scenes where I could imagine objects existing.  Hiking up mountains and coming into an alpine clearing, my mind sees a foreign floating object, hovering off the ground.  I move to the proper angle to account for light and shadow casting and imagine the render occurring in realtime in front of me.  Then it’s a mad dash down the mountain/out of nature, and into the city and onto the computer to extract from my imagination so I can share with others. 

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Sunrise MTN Unidentified OBJ. PNK

I was always limited to still images because I couldn’t afford a nicer computer, but with AR going mobile I have been able to use my iPhone for AR video capture and 3d AR animation creation which has opened entirely new doors for creating! 

I equate the process to how a graffiti artist looks at a city…when they look around a city, they are looking for “spots”, their eyes dart up and down building and rooftops and signs and poles and alleyways, and into the kooks and crannies often overlooked by the everyday passerby. I definitely use that same type of thinking when looking for “spots” for AR sculptures and composited rendered images, like a million people may have hiked this trail or walked by this spot, but has anyone ever thought about putting an export of their imagination right there and sharing it with the world online?

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Great Sand Dunes National Park – a shipping container h □ m e. . concept . Colorado Dunes. Transportation sphere parked with drones emerging.

My experience with the crypto art space & SuperRare so far have been very exciting and brought me a ton of joy.  I always struggled with how to share my work or make it available, because I don’t like the old way of doing things, traditional art circles and galleries seem stagnant and stale and boring.  That entire world felt very old and outdated, and I always struggled to even explain my work to many people in that more traditional world. 


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