SuperRare Art Market Weekly Report

July 27 – August 2

Weekly recap of the 10 highest digital art sales on SuperRare.

#10 I will not drown because I have learned to fly by Carlos Marcial was collected by matrix for $1,605

I will not drown because I have learned to fly
Edition 1 of 1
The water filling this INFINITY ROOM is a metaphor for the tough times we’ve had to experience and endure during this year. I can feel the changes all around me. The world will definitely not go back to being how it was before. But there is always hope, and that’s why you can see in this artwork the floating water plants. They are metaphors for those new opportunities that will arise for Humanity out of this crisis. The water may go away eventually, but for now I’m concentrating on learning how to fly. GIF, 950 x 901px.

#9 STRONG HANDS by vrhuman was collected by whaleshark for $1,944

Edition 1 of 1
“Conscious and unconscious do not make a whole when one of them is suppressed and injured by the other. If they must content, let it at least be a fair fight with equal rights on both sides. Both are aspects of life.” VRHUMAN 01 – Sculpted in Virtual Reality.

#8 ISO iso by Marc O Matic was collected by moderats for $2,029

ISO iso
Edition 1 of 1
ISO iso. (Isometric Isolation) As most parts of the world are encouraged to isolate and social distance, societies remain connected in different ways. Particularly in the form of social media, gaming and virtual reality. Giving meta-physical content and spaces a degree of importance and value for the general populace.

#7 Conversations with Doubt by Giant Swan was collected by moderats for $2,070

Conversations with Doubt
Edition 1 of 1
I embrace them willingly and I push you away in moments of strength, doubt manifest whispers about preservation but I don’t think I believe it anymore.

#6 Commercial Break by TwistedVacancy was collected by satsmoon for $2,534

Commercial Break
Edition 1 of 1
Now it’s time for a commercial break! a Ramen from hell! created from different kind of suspicious ingredients! full of surprise!! Now with Explosion.

#5 Deep Blue Sea Paradise by TwistedVacancy was collected by mantaxr for $2,656

Deep Blue Sea Paradise
Edition 1 of 1
Enjoy Your Stay at Deep Blue Sea Paradise. Sleep on eternal sunset and dreams.

#4 [secondary sale] The Argument by Pak was sold by collector Brett Shear (profit 682.867%) to Pablo for $4,752
Artist royalty for Pak – $475.2

The Argument
Edition 1 of 1
Here is my point of view.

#3 THE archetype by Hackatao was collected by whaleshark for $6,440

THE archetype
Edition 1 of 1
Eros, the drive of life and love and Thanatos, the drive of death and destruction; opposite forces of same strength, that cannot exist without each other. In the eternal battle for prevalence between the two, we will never see a winner. Being born to die, dying to be reborn. In Hackatao’s “THE archetype”, this beautiful girl is in perfect balance between a heart and a skull. Her attitude towards both love and death is slightly different, but she keeps moving with grace – and no rules – in what she knows to be her eternal dance. “Yet each man kills the thing he loves”

#2 [secondary sale] Sin Torus by Pak was sold by collector CuriousNFTs (profit 1071.75%) to Pablo for $7,839
Artist royalty for Pak – $783.9

Sin Torus
Edition 1 of 1
Sin Torus

#1 Rubik’s Awe by Pak was sold by collector CuriousNFTs (profit 792.156%) to tobias for $13,989
Artist royalty for Pak – $1398.9

Rubik’s Awe
Edition 1 of 1
Rubik’s Awe

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