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By Duke/Duke+1

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Duke+1 is a Multidisciplinary Designer, Illustrator, Visual Artist & Part-time Alien — who likes to tell stories.

Let’s just assume, somewhere in space. I am a certain coordinate. I am a room without walls, a place. In this place, this and that can happened today and tomorrow. Today a tree grows, that tree is being cut tomorrow. The house is built there and a few hundred years later — everything collapses. This or that process takes place. Duke takes place. I could be no one, I could be someone, I could be anyone. But I’m the one, the place — it stays. However, a place is not an object — it is rather a medium or a background. It is transparent. And that is precisely why I cannot see myself as the place itself. But I have the opportunity to see what is happening there, a journey. The first thing I would understand of myself, that one, which is standing around there, has accumulated and has a certain appearance, The Duke.

The role of being an alienated character plays a very big part in Duke’s performance. Whether In his graphic arts, illustrated visual stories, moving images or music. Duke is one of his so called “prime-beings” (German: Ur-Wesen); The prime-being has arisen from one’s origin, my origin. This being is the “first” one of his kind. It’s a representation of my mind and emotions — a work that I have been researching for the past 3 years. In the same time it’s a thoughtful exploration of Duke being in this real world. Surrounded by different unities, like cultures, humans, science, feelings, problems or just trivias. The Duke is a reflection of oneself, of myself — I’m the +1.

One of Duke’s Diploma Thesis, a visual performance: SO NO LO HAI – I’m at home

Painting and drawing, his kindergarten passions, lead him to seven years of study in graphic design. His journey should have ended in 2018, with his graduation at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart (Germany). At that time, I thought The Duke was at his final state, a graphic designer. My job, working as a graphic designer for clients with the highest profession. But is that my job what I have seeking for? I had to understand, that I’m still developing — as Duke +1. I want to tell you about my research. I don’t have a particular skill. What I’ve got is creativity, vision and personality. And this is my passion. At the moment, I’m an illustrator and on the other day I’m a musician or a director. But that’s not my job. My job is to express myself and to share my ideas and stories.

Duke is explorin’ and slammin’ the hoop in the real world.

Each of my illustrated artworks on SuperRare are represented by “The Dukes”, the prime-beings. Those pop art characters tell a visual story, a statement, a theme or just something trivial — something I’m dealing with. Composition, layout, colours and concept are variables which characterise me as a designer. As an artist, I don’t think my fingerprint will be my idealised handcraft in neither illustration, music nor moving image. My art is dealing with my alien, my alter ego, the prime being, The Duke. The communication of my works evoke creativity — that takes courage. And the courage is leading me to enter new processes, even if I have to give up my business as a classic graphic designer.

SWIM HIGH: Swimming into the space. What is it like to swim and to dive? From a perspective of a non-swimmer, I’d rather jump into the space than dive into my anxiety.
Edition 1 of 1 on SuperRare
TOPSPIN: A ping pong game shall be won by the player scoring the match point with a backflip. When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a professional football- (soccer) player in Europe. But the truth was, I wasn’t good enough to strike goals. I was pretty bad. My ping pong skills were okay, but not fulfilling enough. I’m still dreaming.
Edition 1 of 1on SuperRare
*JUST CANCEL IT: A Japanese series certainly did predict the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — and “the contagious disease”. One of my favourite mangaka, Katsuhiro Otomo warned us about in “Akira” in 1988. Now, ours has been cancelled, too. What and eerie coincidence.
DON’T DRINK & DRIVE: From Swing to Bop. From Hit to Crash. In case, you’re attracted by beautiful music and you’re getting drunk and freak out. Just don’t drive!

The art of printing on screen printing, or on a risograph — it’s fascinating and lovely! Producing art prints on a limited scale. The school, where I grew up and got to study printing, has a long tradition. Especially the focus of handcrafting art and printing in design. But, can the print medium survive in the digital age, as blockchain and crypto art will emerge? In my opinion, yes! It already has the status as collectible art. Even if the material is ephemeral.

A DIY NFT thermal printing box. Therefore, I’ll print an 1/1 NFT single receipt for the first buyer of the auction of my artwork — on a thermo printer. The receipt includes the artwork, the information, the bidding history and the Ethereum txhash details. If you are luckily enough to be the first buyer of one of my artworks, you can say [email protected] and get your receipt (worldwide shipping included).

The idea of my prime beings exists since the beginning of the CryptoArt movement. I wonder how the future of this movement will look like, as well as my vision and creation in my art. I believe that blockchain art could be the new street art — and that is a good sign. I really appreciate the heartwarming community, since day one. And the support of the SuperRare team, the artists and especially the collectors. I’m glad and honoured to be part of it. Looking forward, to create with my highest passion special 1/1 original NFTs on SuperRare. Maybe, one day I will get an own artist article on Wikipedia.

I’ll dream high. But I stay grounded. I’m here. We’re Dukes. There are lots of us. But the only one of us, will never walk alone. +1

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Duke+1 is a Multidisciplinary Designer, Illustrator, Visual Artist & Part-time Alien — who likes to tell stories.


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