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Crazy Diamond $1M  signed Hackatao and Oficinas TK – another eclectic artist very present in the crypto art scene – is a homage to what SuperRare has been doing and to celebrate the first 1million $ earned by the artists on the platform in the past two years. 

This is the second of the “Diamonds series”, by the two artists’ collaboration. The first (Crazy Diamond [End-2019]) was created to celebrate the intense activity on SuperRare by the end of 2019. 

A new diamond will be coming out every six months to celebrate change and newness and to inform us about what has been happening in that span of time – stories, facts, artists and collectors of the moment – like a war bulletin for crypto. 

Thus, Hackatao and Oficinas TK are creating an artistic narrative that will forever keep us on track through the most precious of all things: diamonds. 

The diamond will be installed in front of SuperRare Museum in Decentraland for the opening of $1M Art Show and Party on July 17th, 3-5pm EST
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The past months have been meaningful for everything and everybody, since the spread of Covid19. But also social change as well as the shift of geo-political predominances and balances.

From the point of view of the art world, the part with a more traditional approach suffered extremely, with cancelled shows and events. While crypto art firmly continued on its march, as well as the whole digital world. 

Inside the diamond, we can see a reference to BLM (Black Lives matter) movement that affected the SuperRare community with different art pieces inspired by the subject and funds raised for the cause. 

On a different note, also in these months, a debate about royalties involved many artists with the result of a raise to 10% royalties on the secondary market by SuperRare. 

We can also re-discover the names of the big collectors who have been pushing the crypto art to these levels –  WhaleShark, Moderats, Tokenangels, Brett, Ethsquiat, Basileus, VK – and some new important ones in the space – like MOCA project, by Pablo, Desiree and Colborn. What about SOV that with his/her purchase made it possible to reach over one million dollars distributed to the artists? 

And if this isn’t enough, SuperRare launched its new museum on Decentraland and it also introduced new formats for artists to be used on the platform, such as 3D/VR and mp4. 

As for artists, we have seen the rise of new brilliant artists as PAK, Giant Swan, Frenetik Void, Twisted Vacancy and the return of Robbie Barrat and Max Osiris

What is a diamond? Another SuperRare art piece making the history of crypto art?

Did you really think that a diamond is forever?

Oh come on, you must have already forgotten about the “blockchain time”.

A diamond is forever, yeah, but here you’ll get a new one every 6 months.

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Hackatao merges the cultured quotations from the past to bold and ultra-contemporary forms, standing out as an innovative exponent of the current artistic scenario. The artistic diptych Hackatao is formed by Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. The duo was formed in Milan in 2007 working together with the creation of the Podmork, sculptures with soft and totemic forms, which are at the center of their imaginative research.


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