Is Fortnite the ultimate pop art?


By Hackatao

What is Pop in 2020? Cinema, music and comics have already largely had their place in Pop Art. We thought to explore the world of video games and their growing popularity, finding in Fortnite the most Pop of all. The question is: “Is Fortnite the ultimate pop art?”

In the study of the work we were seduced by the colours and the tender but lethal expression of the legendary outfit Cuddle Team Leader (aka Pink Bear), which appeared for the first time in Fortnite on 02/10/2018. Immediately becoming the inspiring legend of an animated miniseries in The Looney Tunes Show style. Pink bear is not new in the popular imagination of our generation, we think of the pink bear floating in Walter White’s pool in the Breaking Bad TV series (to which we dedicated a work).

But we didn’t stop at the simple reproduction of a pink bear. As it appears in the making off video, art history has inspired an interesting connection with Saturn devours his children by Goya. So we added a deeper thought: do video games devour our children’s lives? Our non-answer is: get eaten by fun.

We will drop this new artwork on the opening day of SuperRare’s next exhibition “Crypto-Pop”! Stay tuned!

Author profile

Hackatao merges the cultured quotations from the past to bold and ultra-contemporary forms, standing out as an innovative exponent of the current artistic scenario. The artistic diptych Hackatao is formed by Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. The duo was formed in Milan in 2007 working together with the creation of the Podmork, sculptures with soft and totemic forms, which are at the center of their imaginative research.


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